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Biography of Remax Real Estate Agent Brian Stolp

Thanks again for taking a look at my website & trying to learn more about myself. I was Born in Brantford and raised on a St. George area Farm, with that said, I know Brant County and I know hard work.

After graduating Paris high school I got into new home construction. My Experience in house construction and home renovations gives me a practical perspective to help you find the perfect home & know the flaws that others can't see.

After a few years in home construction in 2008 I purchased my first flip with a business partner. The market started to crash just before closing. This flip is what first started to get me interested in real estate and how it works. Selling the property just after a year of renovations we still managed to get a profit in a largely downed market.

My Real Estate Agent at the time helped me see past the flaws in the house and see the potential that was there. He helped us become profitable & stay on track. Shortly after that I knew that I wanted to get into real estate, and be the type of Real Estate Agent that he was.

I quickly got my License to sell Real Estate in Ontario and have been actively Selling real estate since October 2009! I love my job and what I do. I thoroughly enjoy helping people meet their Real Estate Goals, whether it is to own one property, or to own ten+. I believe in Real Estate and am actively investing in it both with Flips and rental investment properties.

Lets' get together and talk about your dreams, and how Real Estate can help you get there. I am available 24/7 and you can contact me in the way most comfortable for you.


Brian Stolp

Buying a home?

Your satisfaction is my top priority! I will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and help you homes that meet your needs.

Selling your home?

I will get your home sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. My online and offline marketing programs give me the edge needed to make this possible. I will apply my energy, technical skills and experience to market your house and you the best price possible!